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Take a look below to learn more about how Reviewr is helping businesses all over the world by managing their online reputations for them!

Reviewr was launched by Tibor Boda in April 2018, but the service behind Reviewr has been in wings for much longer then that. Reviewr helps all types of businesses by managing their online reputation for them.

We do this by taking care of the whole process of not only acquiring new reviews but also managing all aspects of their review reputation. From replying to reviews, sharing their best reviews on social media and a whole ton more!

  1. Aug, 2008
    Launch Date!

    This is when it all started.  Tibor launches his first venture in the digital marketing space helping businesses sell more products & services online.

  2. Feb, 2010
    SEO Focused

    Started to focus on helping businesses generate leads and take over their local search results with search engine optimisation.  Reviews were an important part of the process for customers at this time as well.

  3. Jun, 2014
    Reviews Are More Important!

    Reviews are becoming more important and we start spending more time on helping customers generate more reviews.  The idea behind Reviewr was born!

  4. Aug, 2016
    Planning begins

    Planning begins around offering a standalone solution for review management.  The first ideas of Reviewr are put to paper and the hard work begins.

  5. Apr, 2018
    Reviewr Launch

    Reviewr launches as a standalone service.  All other SEO services are closed down and 100% focus is put on Reviewr!

  6. Aug, 2018
    Switch To Managed Service

    Reviewr pivots from a standard SAAS solution to a 100% managed service which produces far better results for customers!

  7. Jul, 2024

    Reviewr is committed to ensuring that it keeps producing the results that customers need to standout in their respective markets.

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